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In Which I Shall Remain Calm

October 5, 2012

Hey, did you know Knit Picks is having a yarn sale? All their orange and black yarns, all their yummy fall colors, in all different fibers and weights, are on sale for 25% off for the a week. Just in time for some Halloween knitting. You’re welcome. If I can’t buy any yarn I will darn well encourage others to purchase some yarn!

As for myself, I am carrying on with my yarn diet/ stash bust. Trust be told, I might be doing a little TOO well with that. No one can say that I don’t give my all to try and prove a point. When faced with the prospect of stash busting, it seems that I believe that I should use all of my yarn at once. Startitis is rampant. Since I have started this diet, I have cast on a sweater, two hats, a cowl, a scarf, a pair of socks and . . . I can’t remember what else. This is not a good thing.

I can’t remain faithful to any of these projects. I keep starting projects I am enamored with, knitting on them for a couple of hours and then tossing it aside for something else. Granted, I have never been known as a faithful knitter. Having multiple projects going at all times is a must. You need different knitting for different things; tv knitting, travel knitting, knitting that you need to concentrate on, fun knitting, learning knitting . . . Unfortunately, I already had these projects going before I cast on the latest round of projects.

But look! I did finish something!

Granted, I had started this project before I went on the diet/bust, but it was made with yarn that had been in my stash for over a year, so I am claiming it as a stash bust project. The pattern is Suki, made in the large size, out of Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering, Bourbon Street colorway, with a little purple Cascade Heritage sock thrown in for contrast. I am so in love with the color that I want to paint my entire house with it. I want to curl up and cuddle with it and spend all night alone with it. I want to drink it.

In fact, I love the color so much, I went stash diving and immediately started on this:

It’s the Taupo cardigan by Carol Feller. I am feeling a little bad about this project. I cast on and tore through the body of this sweater in about a week and a half. All it needs are cap sleeves and a neck band, hardly more than an evening of knitting. It has sat in my WIP basket for two weeks. Why? Why would I do that? It is the perfect fall sweater. It’s a warm, yummy color. It’s made from a merino/alpaca blend. It’s perfect for layering. It’s the correct size for me. And it refuses to be done.

Instead, I keep starting stuff. In fact, I have gotten so sick with the startitis, I have even started swatching.

Egads! Me? Swatch? Can it be true? Sadly, it is. The top swatch, that is destined to be a cardigan. Out of sock weight yarn. For me. Why? Because I own it and I can.

That bottom swatch? I did that last night because I simply do not have any self control. Even though I have two hats to finish for presents due in two weeks, even though I have a sock that is begging me to turn its heel and finish it, even though I have a scarf that should be gifted by the end of the month, I MUST cast on for a sweater. Why?

Because I got new yarn in the mail yesterday!!!! Now, before you all accuse me of busting my diet, this yarn is destined to be my husband’s sweater. If you will recall, the deal of my yarn diet was that I got to purchase new yarn to make him a sweater. There is nothing that tempts a knitter more that the lure of ball after ball of new yarn coupled with the prospect of a new project. I am so excited to knit with this dark grey yarn I can barely control myself. I just have one little problem. My gauge on my swatch is off. I am getting one fewer stitch per inch that what my chosen pattern calls for with the needles specified. Easy to correct, just go down a needle size. Except for one little problem. . .

I don’t have any needles free in the size I need. I have two different interchangeable needles sets, as well as a robust amount of fixed circular needles. I probably have 4-5 different options for needles in the size I need. Sadly, they are ALL in projects. Every single one of them. I can’t even retreat back to straight needles because those are stuck in a project too. I did mention that I have been having a problem with startitis right?

I could go buy new needles. Nothing was said about a needle diet. The trouble is, I am wracked with a huge amount of guilt over the fact that I have so many UFOs going I don’t have a single spare pair of size 6 needles free to start another project. This can’t be normal behavior can it? I don’t need another pair of needles. I need help. I need discipline. I need self control.

I need to call Mom and see if she has any needles I can borrow.

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  1. Diane permalink
    October 5, 2012 7:21 pm

    You can check my felted sheep case in my bedroom or see if I brought my interchangables home,

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