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I swear I just saw a UFO

August 24, 2012
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In a knitter’s world, UFOs are UnFinished Objects. We all have them, some more than others. I happen to have a lot.

Sadly, I didn’t even have to move from my corner of the couch to snap these photos. All of these projects are scattered around me within arm’s length. I will lay claim to all of these UFOs as long as we don’t venture into either my bedroom or the family room, where there are quite a few more of them lurking. Those are best to stay out of sight, out of mind. Admitting to all of my UFOs might be too much for my poor psyche to handle. Just the thought of how many projects are unfinished around my house is enough to send me into a tailspin of depression that would only be cured by winding up another skein and starting another project. It’s a downward spiral, it really is.

While these UFO sightings are troubling indeed, it is another UFO recently brought to my attention that is giving me the greatest fits. That last UFO above, that’s another Gaptastic Cowl that I am knitting for a neighborhood friend. She picked out the yarn and I agreed to knit if for her. The yarn and the pattern are a topic for another day, but thankfully, I am almost done with that project.

My daughter, bless her little heart, has reminded me that I still owe HER a Gaptastic Cowl as well and she would like it NOW so she can wear it when school starts. Yippie. (Between you and me, this is one of the most tedious projecte to knit ever.  Seed Stich.  In the round.  In bulky yarn.  For 15 inches.  Ugh. )

I asked what color and kind of yarn she wanted and she told me I didn’t have to worry, she already had the yarn.

What?!? She already has yarn? Sure as snow in winter, she came back out of her room holding a skein of yarn. Specifically, this UFO (Unidentifiable Fiber Object).

Now I pride myself on knowing, for the most part, what is contained in my stash. I can assure you, this was NOT one of my stash yarns. So where the heck did she get it? And more importantly, what the heck was it? Of course the ball band was long gone. To make her cowl, I needed two skeins of yarn, and she only had one. I questioned her as to where and when she got the yarn.

“Daddy got it for me. When we went to the yarn store to get you something last year.”

Um, what? DADDY bought you yarn? At the yarn store? What? Did I just hear you correctly? Daddy doesn’t go to yarn stores, and he certainly doesn’t buy yarn unless it is for Christmas and he has a wish list at online stores to shop from. This was going to require some more research.

“Which yarn store?”

“The one you like to go to.” Oh baby, that doesn’t help. I like to go to a lot of yarn stores.  There are 4 within 15 miles of my house.

“Can you remember any more about the store?” I begged.

“Yep. They have lots of that yarn. Or they did. Last year.”   Good to know.

Next I put my husband on the spot. Did he remember going to a store and buying Alea yarn? More specifically, which store did he go to and what yarn was it that he bought. Turns out, Dad has absolutely no recollection of going to a yarn store with his daughter and buying yarn. Could he have done it, sure. Remembering where he was and what he bought, not a chance.

Anyone have any ideas on what I have here? I can tell you, based on my extensive scientific research that the yarn that it is extra super soft, may in fact contain alpaca and probably some merino too. It’s a bulky weight and is undyed. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue.

It’s undeniable. I am going to have to investigate and conduct some more research at the places where Unidentified Fiber Objects live.

Thankfully there is a yarn shop a few miles from work. And it is almost time for lunch . . .

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