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I love you . . . BUT. . .

August 1, 2012

Being monogamous is hard. There are so many eye catching things out there. So many moments for you to catch a glimpse of a handsome specimen and say, “Wow. I want that now.” So many temptations. So many desires.

Of course I am not talking about my marriage. As I have previously professed, I am head over heels in love with my husband and plan on sticking with him for at least the next 50 years. That’s the easy part. What is not easy for me is being faithful to my crafting adventures.

I am forever seeing a new yarn or a brightly colored fiber or a new pattern and deciding that I need to do that NOW. Strewn throughout my house, bags and even my car (yes, there is a sock in there, we won’t talk about him) are several projects just waiting to be finished. Some were started a week ago, some a year and a half ago. I fully intend to finish all of these wonderful projects. I still love the yarn, I still love the pattern, I haven’t made any major mistakes in most of them (shhh. . . Flow, I know my gauge was off) and for the most part I am over half done with most of them. But then a new yarn from the sock club comes in the mail or I check Etsy and see some beautifully dyed fiber and off I go, starting something new.

Only this time I can’t. I promised myself when I cast on for this cardigan at the beginning of the Olympics that I was going to finish it. I told myself that turning 1700 yards of fingerling weight yarn into a cozy sweater was a worthy challenge. A challenge I could rise to and conquer. No problem.

Uh huh. Only I am 400 yards in and bored out of my mind with endless stockinette and pretty blue yarn. I want action. I want excitement. I want to knit socks! Bright, wildly colored socks. I want to knit this!

Or maybe work on a scarf with the most scrumptious of yarns. Like this!

Or spin. I haven’t spun a single ounce of fiber in weeks. I could spin this fun stuff.

But I can’t. I have to keep slogging away on my planned knit. I have to prove to myself that I can finish something I started, something with a deadline. I have to be able to tell myself that I can remain faithful to a project and work on it until the end, forsaking all others. I have to keep this with me day after day and keep telling myself that I love it.

Does it even look like I am getting anywhere on this thing???

I will not, however remain faithful to my chosen Olympic athletes. Nope. I think I am dumping swimming all together. I can’t handle the disappointment any more. Beach volleyball, you are my new chosen one. Please, please don’t let me down. Otherwise, team volleyball is looking pretty good for me. And next week, there are always the track and field boys . . .

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  1. Elizabeth Jetton permalink
    August 1, 2012 10:00 am

    OMG, Julie, I LOL!!!
    At least you make me feel more normal. I am a knitting slut. I too love the beginning – fondling yarns and making my selection, imaging the awesome garment and the feel of the yarn and the joy of knitting it; I pick the pattern (usually something new vs. one of the zillion that I already have) and I love even to cast on. Do I love imaginary knitting more than actually knitting? So, I have 7 active projects and probably 30 or more inactive.

    There is something comforting about having all this around me, all this potential! But, it’s still more fun to go to the new than back to the already started and abandoned. Oh well. I keep stores and online businesses in business and can look to you as inspiration!
    Careful of Olympic knitting, I always discover dropped stitches or worse when I get focused on Michael or even better, the volleyball boys.

  2. August 1, 2012 10:07 am

    I am not sure I am the inspiration you need. I start and stop projects faster than Phelps can lose a gold medal. But the knitting keeps me out of trouble when MB is traveling the country with FPA. I just need to convince him that all this yarn is cheaper than therapy. 😉

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