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If It Wasn’t for Lacrosse and Ryan Lochte . . .

July 29, 2012

Well, I am 36 hours into my Olympic knitting quest.  I suppose I could call it my Ravellenic knitting but since I haven’t officically signed up for anything, haven’t declared myself on a team or done anything that most people do when embarking on this challenge, I am gong to call it what I want.

I have been working diligently on my cardigan.  I have decided to make the Wadpole pattern from Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People 3.  I am not knitting it out of Loft because I don’t happen to have any of that in my stash, but I did have enough Rowan Wool Cotton thanks to a late night Craftsy splurge.

Yesterday morning, I spent six hours watching my son play in a Lacrosse tournament.  This is great knitting time since I am sitting and I can knit and pay attention to the game (as much as I ever do).  While my progress didn’t seem that great to me, I did get a rocking knitting tan.

ImageHow is that for a great elbow crease suntan/sunburn?  My kids were so not proud of me.

After that, I parked myself on the couch and knit and knit and watched the Olympic coverage.  In the course of those four hours a couple of things happened.  First, I changed my Olympic swimming allegiance from Michael Phelps to Ryan Lochte.  I know, I am a fickle fan, but it’s my Olympics and I can change if I want to.  I’ve got a back up plan too, should he not live up to my expectations.  Men’s beach volleyball players.  Doesn’t matter which ones, I will watch them all.

Oh yeah, and I made a little progress on my sweater.


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