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Bad, Bad Blogger

July 15, 2012

I have been a bad blogger these last couple months. I apologize. I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging more, I really don’t. It’s not like I don’t have anything to talk about. I’ve got lots of new projects and exciting things going on. There is never a shortage of things happening in my life. Yet, somehow, the act of sitting down and typing haven’t come easy to me lately. Its time to get better at that. Starting today. Yep. I am going to start today.

Several months ago, Mom and I went to Yarnover, which is the annual knitting convention put on by the Minnesota Knitter’s Guild. I had my budget for yarn and we were excited because we had gotten up the courage to take a knitting class, with other, “real” knitters. With people who knew what they were doing, instead of those like me, who guessed and relied on Youtube to show her how if she guessed wrong. This time, we were going to show up at class and learn from the master. Or so that was the plan. As luck would have it, out class was canceled due to the teacher falling ill. Go figure. I finally get up the guts to register for a class and it gets canceled. Welcome to my life.

No matter, we were still going to go, because there was a market place. A market place filled with yarn and fiber and other treasures. Even better, since our class got canceled, we would be getting the class fee refunded. More money to spend on yarn! Who hoo! Let the shopping begin. Of course there were many, many beautiful things in the shopping area. Yarns to pet and adore. Yarns to lust over. Hand spun and full of brightly colored fiber. More than that, there were people to talk to. People who sold yarn. People who made yarn. People who’s brains I could pick to see if I was doing things right or wrong. People who knew about cool things like spinning wheels and preparing fiber for spinning and such. People who may have had things for sale. Things besides yarn. . .

Yep. It’s a spinning wheel. An honest to goodness spinning wheel. I convinced my husband that combining my Mother’s Day gift with my Anniversary gift (of course, first I assumed that I was getting gifts for these momentous occasions) was a good idea and off we went one weekend, to Wisconsin to buy me a wheel. It will keep me out of trouble, I said. It will give me something to do when you travel, I told him. Once we buy the wheel, it won’t cost too much I assured him.

This was all before I went to Sheppard’s Harvest and found bags and bags of roving on sale. This was before friends of mine sheared their sheep and told me I could have all the fleece I wanted, I just had to clean it and prepare it. This was before I spent lots of time on Etsy and fell in love with all of the hand dyed fleece out there. This was before I knew that spinning wasn’t going to decrease my stash, and in fact was going to triple it, since now you had fleece, and then you turned that fleece into yarn, and then you didn’t know what to do with that single, precious skein of yarn you just spent hours making and so you saved it and stored it in a pretty basket . . .

Sam approves of my handspun yarn.

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