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30 Wishes for 30 Years

April 26, 2012

I love planning parties!  If I could find more hours in the day I think I would have to add it to my ever growing list of hobbies. I don’t think that is possible.  Lucky for me my best friend just turned thirty this week. So I had the opportunity to plan a party for her. She is one of those people who is always planning everyone else baby showers, wedding showers, and birthday parties.  It made me really happy to be able to help plan a party for her.  I thought I’d share some party planning tips.

 First thing you want to do is come up with a color scheme.  Adult parties are not usually very themey.  However, choosing a color scheme is a great way to tie everything together.  And of course if you doing a baby shower you can go all out on the theme.  That’s one of the best parts.  For this party we choose from Stampin Up colors.  We went with in colors from a few years ago, peach parfait, pear pizzazz, poppy parade, concord crush, and blushing bride. My dear friend loves grey.  So we decided to mix that in as well. We used the colors in the banner, in the photo collages,  the cup cakes, the invitations, the decorations, and as confetti on the tables.  It gave the party a very put together look. We did use the theme “30 wishes for 30 years” in this case.  We wanted to look back on her past 30 years and wish her all the best in the 30 years (at least) to come.  It all came together so perfectly.
Another thing I love is to use pictures. Pictures make the party very unique and personal to the person you are celebrating. To achieve this I had to ask her father to send me baby pictures.  He more than came through for me.  I had adorable baby, childhood, and teenage pictures.  Thank god for Facebook!  I stole the rest of the pictures from there.  It worked out really well because I could still keep the element of surprise that I wanted. I used the pictures to make six 16 by 20 inch collage posters from Costco.  I used (or tried to use) our Stamp’ in up colors on the photo collages. They turned out fantastic.  The hardest part was trying to decided to organize all the pictures.  I ended up grouping them with like pictures (hope that makes sense).  They were the finishing touch to the party.  They looked so great on the wall.  The guests enjoyed looking at them.  We were really able to look back at the guest of honors life and celebrate her.  We needed Ralph Edwards to say “Marchelle Chamerlain…this is your life!”
Another way I used pictures was to print them on matte photo paper and punch them out using a 2.5 inch circle punch.  I found 3 inch swirly pops from oriental trading company and attached them with glue dots.  My co-host made baskets with foam in the bottom so we could stick them in and display them.  At the end of the party guests got to take them home as favors.
I can’t take credit for this next wonderful idea, Allison, my co-host came up with it. She decided to make cards so the guests could write their wishes for Marchelle’s next 30 years.  Such a great idea.  I know that she loved reading them.  Just another way to let her know how much her friends and family love her.
The rest of the ingredients to make the prefect party were there.  My co-host made amazing food.  We had plenty of drinks, for the adults and the kids.  It was a beautiful day and the kids were able to enjoy the pinwheels and bubbles my co-host had put out for them.  It was a great touch.  Most of all we were able to honor Marchelle and the amazing 30 years that are her life.
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