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Not Just Pretty Shawls

April 10, 2012

Have no fear, I have not been spending all of my time simply knitting pretty pastel shawls.  After that last one, I think I have gotten that out of my system.  Dark blue and aqua yarns have been wound up and are patiently waiting to be cast on to the needles.

Before that can happen though, I  would like to show you what else I have been doing in my spare time.  As you might have heard, I have been infected with the spinning disease.  This disease might be more dangerous than the dreaded “yarning” disease I have infected many people with, because instead of being overwhelmed with the need to acquire and hoard vast amounts of yarn, the spinning disease compels you to acquire vast amounts of fiber, turn it into yarn and then hoard that yarn.  I am well into the throes of the acquiring phase of the disease, but I have managed to move on to step two, which is turning the fleece into yarn.

Thanks to Etsy, I found this lovely fleece, courtesy of Greenwood Fiberworks.  The colorway is Peacock, the fiber if BFL.

While I was tempted to place this in a basket next to my bed and admire it for months, I over came those urges and started on a plan to spin it.  I decided I was going to turn this into a two ply, worsted weight yarn.  I divided the roving into two equal parts and started spinning.

And spinning.  I was determined to spin this into only one skein.  Toward the end of the fiber sections, I was overloading my spindle to the point where it almost wouldn’t spin any more.  I was stubborn.  I perservered.

In the end, I created this.  260 yards of a two ply DK to light worsted yarn.   I love it.  I adore it.  I am tempted to build a shrine for it in my living room and force my family and friends to worship it. I most certainly can’t knit with it.  After all, how can something like this, something I spent weeks creating, just become another pretty shawl?

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