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DPN Point Case

March 14, 2012

I hate when I find a project that I am dying to get to, for example a new tote bag that I really want to finish. What seems like forever ago my sister in law Julie asked me to make these adorable DPN needle roll up cases.  I had picked out fabric that I thought suited each of their personalities perfectly.  Julies is a bright and sunny brown. With large orange flowers on a brown background for the outside and an orange polka dot for the pocket.  Diane’s is a classic floral print with soft blues, pinks, and browns.  I choose a pretty light blue shade for in interior. Kim’s was a bright pink and orange floral with a black back ground and the riches shade of raspberry for the interior.  Last but not least I used some of Belle’s left over nursery fabric to make my sweet niece Alea hers.


Julie actually sent me this pattern and I thought it was a fantastic one! Super simple! These took me probably 20 minutes of actual sewing time per case.  I cut all the fabric the night before and that took a little longer.  This pattern is by Tara Miller and you can find it at and the actual PDF at I will share with you my tips and tricks for making this needle case.  I only found one little step that cause me some problems.  But that maybe because I have a hard time just reading a pattern and seeing what they mean.  This pattern does have a few pictures. Even with them though I was pulling my hair out over how to get the pocket attached correctly. Tara Miller’s materials are exactly what you need for this project. The first thing you want to do it cut your fabric.  Choose one to be the exterior and one for the interior.  You might notice on some of mine I didn’t read the directions very well.  I used the same fabric for the interior and exterior of the pouch and my second fabric for the actual pocket. You can do it that way if you like.  It’s a personal preference.  Once you’ve decided that you will need to cut two pieces of 19 by 14 inch fabric.  One from the fabric you’ve choose for the exterior and one for the interior of your pouch.  You also need to cute two pieces of 18 by 8 inch fabric.  One from the exterior fabric and one from the interior fabric.

Next, take your two pieces of 19 by 14 inch fabric and stitch them right sides together leaving room to turn.  Press seams open and turn.  You will want to press again.Image


Take your two pieces of 18 by 8 inch fabric and pin them right sides together.  Stich along the long edge of one side.  Flip right sides out and press.


Here is where I had the hardest time.  I read and reread this step over and over.  So I’m going to explain it in the way I would explain it to someone else.  Your pocket isn’t going to end up on the side you sew it on. So lay out the main panel piece (19 X 14 inch) with the exterior fabric facing up.  Take your pocket pieces and lay it with the exterior fabric facing down.  You will want to line up the raw edge of the pocket on the bottom of the main panel and the raw side edge with one edge of the panel.  It doesn’t matter which one.  You will want to pin your ribbon in (1 yard) 4 inches from the bottom of your pouch. The ribbon will be inside the pocket until you turn it. Stich along both sides and the bottom. You’re going to stich along all three edges and then turn the pocket so it ends up on the opposite side of the one you just sewed it on.  The raw edges will now be on the inside. And the interior fabrics will be facing each other. Press again.



The last few steps are easy.  Once you turn it you will notice you will have created little edges of exterior fabric.  Press them down and top stich them to keep them in place. 


Determine how large you want your pockets and mark them.  Top stich over them and you are done.



The best part about this case is that fact that it can be used for knitting needles or really anything you can think of.  You could make it smaller, larger, shorter, longer, add pockets, the possibilities are kind of endless.  I loved this pattern and really enjoyed making these. I hope you will try it and enjoy it as much as I did. And if you don’t sew look for them in my Etsy store.


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  1. March 15, 2012 9:56 am

    You are so good and they are truly awesome!

    • crazycraftenmamma permalink
      March 15, 2012 10:56 am

      Thanks Julie! I’m glad you like them!

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