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Seattle or Bust

February 15, 2012

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This weekend my husband had to work over in Seattle. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the kids and see the sights of the city and visit some dear friends. And the pass was completely clear.  That never happens in the middle of the winter.  Leading up to the trip, frankly, was a nightmare.  First Quinlan got croup.  He looked miserable and I had a week of him waking up crying because his cough hurt.  And I already mentioned the puking incident on mommy’s lab top. I thought he was on the upswing of things until I received a call from the school saying Quin looked like he might be coming down with pink eye.  I was in a little bit of a panic and rushed him in. The doctor said it was most likely viral.  He wanted to check his ears.  When he did we found that both were infected. Next I had him check Belle. She had an ear infection in her left ear.  I had to stop myself from yelling “Are you freaking kidding me?!” That was the Tuesday before we were supposed to leave.  Somewhere earlier in the week Belle came down with croup as well.  Hers wasn’t as bad. Still bad enough.  To top it all off my husband had to go out-of-town.  I swore that if he ever left me with sick kids again I may strangle him. I love my kids, but sick kids are little much.  I didn’t shower. I was wiping Belle’s runny nose on my pants…and not changing them.  It looked a slug had been crawling all over my leg. And I was getting up way too many times with coughing children. I was determined to make it to Seattle and maybe that cured my children, or maybe it was the antibiotics.

Friday morning came and we piled the car full of stuff.  It’s amazing how much stuff you have to take with small children! We headed out.  It wasn’t long until we had to make an emergency stop on the side of the road to use the bathroom.  One thing I forgot was the old little potty. Forty five minutes we stopped again to have lunch at Ronald’s (McDonald’s) and we stopped three more times to adjust things, try to fix the DVD player, and give Belle a bottle.  The trip should have taken 4 hours.  We made it in 6.  We did make it however.  Quinlan was really excited to see the hotel.  This was his first time in a hotel.  I forget that they are magical places.  Things appear in your room.  Like new towels.  And they have a pool.  He was over the moon excited. It was so cute.


The next day we had plans to visit the Pacific Science Center.  I went to the Science Center when I was little.  I remember it vividly actually.  I went with my Girl Scout troop.  We got to sleep in the Science Center in sleeping bags scattered among the exhibits.  They had just put in the dinosaurs and I remember being a little scared.  They left them on all night and you could hear their roars.  I also remember the place being so much bigger.  It’s funny looking back and remembering how I saw it then and how my son must be have been seeing it.  He was a little scared of the dinosaurs too.  We didn’t spend too much time in that exhibit. We did love the butterflies.  It was amazing to see them fluttering around. One did land on Quinlan’s head and that was exciting.  Once we were done there we explored the toddler area.  They had some interactive toys like a water table.  After that we had some lunch and got ready to see an IMAX movie.  We choose one about trains.  I found it very interesting.  I think Quinlan would have been happier if it was just trains the entire time instead of the historical back story.  But he enjoyed the experience.  By the end he was making Belle laugh out loud in the theatre.  We excited quickly to avoid angry glares.  After the movie we went to see the naked mole rats and the other animals.  The naked mole rats were awesome. They are ugly and somehow cute at the same time.  They were crawling all over each other and would get in these huge traffic jams where at least 8 naked mole rats were all fighting to fit through the same small spaces.  They would throw their bedding around with their little back paws. They were so entertaining.  The next stop was at a photo booth.  We had so much fun we did it twice. The last stop was at the gift shop for a marble track and a butterfly poster that is hanging in Quin’s room.

We had passed the Space needle on our way to the science center and Quinlan wanted to go to the top.  We decided that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So we walked to the space needle and bought our tickets.  They take a complimentary of you and your party before you go up.  Our photo was hilarious and captured us perfectly. Mommy looks exhausted.  Belle is chewing her baby Bjorn, and Quin is sticking out his tongue. The funny part was I asked the man if Quin had smiled or if he was sticking his tongue out.  He told me it was a nice smile.  He is a huge liar.  Quin was not smiling at all, as you can see. We enjoyed the view. Quin was pointing out our hotel (it wasn’t) and the ocean.  They sell these giant space needle cups and Quinlan had to have one. They are exactly like the ones you see people walking around with in Vegas. I felt like we should be filling it with alcohol.

After our fantastic day we headed back to the hotel.  I will be in so much trouble if we ever move anywhere besides Spokane.  I will become a shut in because I cannot drive in a big city.  It should have taken us 15 minutes to get back to the hotel.  But it took an hour and a half. The GPS kept telling me to turn left, but the streets had huge no left turn signs.  The GPS kept screeching at me “Recalculating.”  We finally found the freeway, but missed one crucial turn.  And we were lost all over again. My husband offered to come find us, but I was afraid I’d lose him trying to follow him back to the hotel.  I was trying to plug the address of the hotel in GPS while talking on the phone to my husband, “Okay, 112…” while Quinlan was echoing in the background “325…”  It made me laugh.  And at that point it was either laugh or cry.  For whatever reason the GPS wasn’t finding our hotel.  We got home by looking up a nearby hotel. Belle took a nap and then we went swimming.  The kids were exhausted and no one had a problem falling asleep that night.

The next day we took the ferry to Port Orchard to see my best friends from college.  Both of them have kids of their own now and we caught up while the kids played.  It was the perfect day.  And as a bonus I have driven to that ferry many of times and didn’t get lost once. And we saw a harbor seal while we waited for the ferry.  Double bonus.

Monday we had to sadly pack our bags and come home.  We headed out early so we could take our time.  Miraculously we only stopped twice. And our emergency potty stop was not on the side of the road.  We did have lunch at the same place we did on our way there. We had a great trip.  Unfortunately, mommy is still recovering.

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