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The Trouble with Love

February 14, 2012

Here it is, Valentine’s day and I have a problem. A problem with love. No, not with my husband. I love him with all my heart and soul and we are happily married. No, this trouble is so much worse.

That tricky Mars candy company puts out seasonal flavors of M&Ms. For Valentine’s day, it is cherry. If you want my opinion (and I am sure that you do), cherry M&Ms are the best things on earth. Sure, Godiva, Abdallah, Ghirardelli and Rocky Mountain have wonderful chocolates, but for the sheer addiction factor, nothing beats cherry M&Ms. I adore those little bits of artificially flavored chocolate like no one’s business. Which brings me to my trouble.

Since these things are seasonal, and since today is Valentine’s Day, that means that the current supply in the stores is all that is going to be available until next year. A whole year until they bring them back, if they do indeed bring them back. The question is, do I run out today and buy all the bags of cherry M&Ms that I can find, just so I can have them for a while longer, or do I act like an adult, acknowledge that I can actually live and function without them, and go back on my diet?

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