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How I spent my Superbowl Sunday

February 7, 2012

For most people when you think of the Superbowl you think Patriots, Giants, Eli Manning, Tom Brady in his tight football pants, beer, and snacks.  I am not a big football watcher.  I’m not really a huge sports fan in general.  I like to go to live sporting events so I can people watch.  And I like hockey games.  But that’s the extent of my love of sport.  When I think of Superbowl Sunday I think of Sew EZ 2, 25% off everything, and designer fabrics.  Every Superbowl Sunday my favorite local fabric store has a huge store wide sale.  And that is the absolute highlight of the Superbowl for me.  Well that and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.  Can those puppies be any cuter?!

Sunday morning dawned and I got the kids up, made my coffee, and got ready to go get in line for the big sale.  I wasn’t the only one anxiously waiting for the doors to open.  I had talked my friend Kellie into coming with me and there were a few more ladies  watching the minutes tick by.  Luckily it wasn’t too cold and the store opened at 10 am as opposed to 5 am unlike the black Friday sales. Once inside I browsed the beautiful fabrics and found some that caught my eye.  I tried to keep the damage to a minimum.  The excuse “but it’s for my business” can only get me so far with my husband.  As incentive to buy more the store does a raffle.  For every $50 you spend you get a raffle ticket. I only got 2.  And I didn’t win.  If I had I would have been crowned the queen of the Superbowl.  They give you ten percent off for the next year along with some other prizes.  It’s best that I didn’t I think.  

My dear friend Kellie and I worked up an appetite and decided the perfect way to end our morning was to get some brunch.  And it was delicious.  Worth every calorie.


I returned home a good 10 pounds heavier, between breakfast and my finds. I love finding cute new fabrics.  I have plans for the whales and the monkeys to become change pad covers with matching wipes case. The red geometric print may be the same.  I think the blue paisley will have to be used as a changing pad cover as well.  I love the blue and red together. And the orange flowers and pok a dot will be diaper and wipes cases for some very trendy moms. These will all be coming to my Etsy site soon.


After the baby woke up from her nap we went to my parents to watch the game and eat even more.  I didn’t actually pay attention to the game.  I did love that Madonna sang “Like a Prayer” during the half time show.  We love spending time at my parents.  The kids can’t wait to see them.  I snapped this picture and have dubbed it the MVP, most valuable photo, of the day. 



I love Superbowl Sunday!

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