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A Real Grand Opening

February 2, 2012

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Fireworks! Applause! Sparks flying! My Etsy shop is officially open! I decided launch this little venture about 3 months ago and gave myself the deadline of February first.  I almost made it.  But really a day or two shy is not that bad.  It’s shocking that I have managed to get everything up and running considering I have two kids with croup.  Nasty little illness.  My poor son coughed so hard that he threw up…all over the keyboard of my computer.  So my lab top with all the pictures to list my items was out of commission.  I had to edit them on the throw up computer and then put them on a flash drive.  Then move them to my husbands computer and do my listing on it.  It had to have doubled the amount of time it took.  It took so long that I had to give up tonight.  I have 12 items! More to come tomorrow. It has been exciting to see how people respond to my items.  I have seen them repined on pintrest, and not just by my friends.  I am really excited about this whole experience.  I thank you for your support. Please visit my other pages to see all my endeavors


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Now I know what your thinking…that’s not enough! I’ll be working on a Flickr Gallery next!

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