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Pinterest is making me fat

January 25, 2012

Have you sucumb to the Pinterest phenomenom yet?  I recently did and let me tell you, I can’t get enough.

Pinterest is a virtual cork board where you can link all of those cool things you find on the internet and want to remember where there are, but always forget to bookmark the site, or lose the piece of paper your wrote the web address on.  With Pinterest, you just “pin it” and magically a photo of it will appear on your board and the web address will be linked that photo.  For the uber organized among us, you can create as many different boards as you want, from food to travel to books to craft ideas to whatever you want.  Best of all, you can follow your friends and see what they are pinning and what they are interested in, and steal their great ideas and repin them to your own board.

All of this was fabulous until I started getting really in to it.  And found things like this:

Salted Caramel Mocha recipe

And things like these:

These things, while amazing, were not something I could just jump into with what I had in the pantry so I was safe, until I found this recipe.

Best ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These, I had to try immediately. In our house, we have a cookie war. My husband would call it a difference of taste, I call it war. He likes his cookies crispy, I like mine chewy. We have no middle ground. Sadly, no matter how many recipes I try, no matter how well I measure, or more often, don’t measure, ingredients, my cookies almost always spread more than I want them to and come out crispy. Mike wins by default.  Not this time.  This recipe promised that these would be perfectly fluffy, soft and chewy.

Dad was sent off to purchase the chocolate chunks and Alea and I started on the dough.  We set the oven to the proper tempature, measured carefully, scooped out the dough in even portions, set the timer and waited.

That first batch was everything the recipe promised.  Soft, fluffy, chewy, perfection!  I had a dozen cookies just the way I wanted.  I popped the second batch in the oven and savored my perfect cookies.

Until the timer went off.  Some gremlin in the house (I blamed Mike, he denied it and blamed Alea, she denied it and claimed ignorance) had turned the tempature on the oven up 100 degrees.  My second batch of cookies were toast.  Dark brown and crispy.   Nothing like those first cookies.

I will not be defeated by this.  Oh no.  I am headed to the gym today to work off those cookies and lucky for me, the grocery store is right next to the gym.  I can get another bag of chocolate chunks and try my cookies again.  This time I will watch that tempature dial with an eagle eye.  No one is going to turn my chewy cookies into crispy cookies again.

Wanna come play with us on Pinterest?  Leavce us a comment and we’ll send you and invite.  That way, when I need some help in the cookies war, or the chocolate vs. vanilla cake war, I can check your boards and see what great ideas you have found.

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