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Coffee and Chocolate

January 19, 2012

I love coffee and chocolate.

I can’t function in the morning unless I have that first cup of coffee shortly after waking up.  I treat myself to cream in my first cup of coffee.  If I need more than one cup to get going on a particular day, I have to have that one black.   These are my rules.  Every once in a while I have to follow the rules.

We won’t even talk about coffee shop coffee.  There exists in this world something called a salted caramel mocha, created by a coffee shop that shall not be named.  This is an evil, addicting drink that was invented by someone who knows that people have no willpower or control over something with salted caramel in it.  The coffee shop that will not be named creates other delights made with this amazing substance such as salted caramel lattes and salted caramel hot chocolates.

Hot chocolate.  Chocolate.  Food of the gods.  Something I can’t live without.  Something I must have just a wee little bit of daily.  Something that makes me happy.

I bring up my obsession with these two gastronomic delights because lately I have been noticing a pattern.  When I glance into the basket of yarn I have plans for, look in my bags containing projects I am currently working on, and paw through the (small, really really small) pile of yarn I have acquired over the last few months I have noticed a color theme.  Can you tell what it is?

It gets worse.

The name of this yarn’s colorway?  Chocolate cherry.  Oh lord.  You know what this means don’t you?  I can’t help myself anymore.  I will be casting on immediately with this yarn. A hat maybe?  A pair of socks?  Some mittens?  I must do something with it!  The other projects I was working on can just wait a while.  Don’t worry, I am fine with it.  After these socks, I am sure I will be able to move on to another color scheme.  Maybe wine related colors?

Until then, I have these to get me through.

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