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January 18, 2012

Color is all around us. Each one of us has our personal likes and dislikes when it comes to color. We all have our favorites. If you stood in front of my closet you would quickly notice what I do, and more importantly, don’t, like. For instance, even though I am blonde, there isn’t a single piece of pink to be had. It doesn’t matter to me that blondes traditionally look good in that color, or that my daughter, who has my coloring, looks smashing in pink. I don’t like it and won’t be wearing it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate pink as a color and what it has to offer. Color brightens our world, it evokes feelings and memories in us, it can change our moods. Color matters.

Recently, my mother in law and I knit the same pair of mittens. It was the corkscrew mitten pattern from This was our first foray into colorwork for both of us and a nice starter project. I knit my mittens with the intention of wearing them to the hockey arena to cheer on the team. Can you guess what our school colors are?

My mother in-law knit her mittens from some of her stash yarn that she and I had purchased last year. She planned on having them go with a brown coat that she has. These are her mittens.

These are the same mittens, knit with the same pattern, with the same sized needles, the same weight of yarn. The only difference is the color. I was amazed at how different they turned out. In my mind, I knew that they should be different. Heck, I was using yellow and black for heaven’s sake. What I was not prepared for was how the feel of the mitten changed so dramatically. The first pair is in your face bright and bold, while the second pair is subdued and elegant. The same cabled stitches went from crazy to regal.

Looking at these, I know that I will have to put more thought into the colors I select when working on projects. I will have to challenge myself to really think about what I am trying to accomplish with my choices. What thoughts, feelings, and emotions do I want associated with my knitting?

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