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January 10, 2012

I got to work today and the apple I thought I put in my bag for lunch wasn’t there.

I turned on my computer, opened up the document that I had been working on the day before, only to find that the version saved on the computer wasn’t the most recent version.  Apparently I forgot to save that one before I left yesterday.

Sitting in my office chair has become an exercise in torture.  This is due to the fact that I have gotten back on the exercise bandwagon. While the mind may be willing to run those miles, the body, especially the legs, aren’t quite on board with it yet and have started protesting in a very painful way.

I was unable to resist the lure of the Reeses Peanut Butter cups on the counter.  I am sure this is entirely due to the fact that I was without my apple.

While all these may seem like wonderful reasons to be frustrated, they pale in comparison to my real reason.  I want to knit myself a sweater.  I have sweater on my brain and I can’t shake it. I am dreaming in sweaters.  I have criteria for this sweater.  It has to be a cardigan.  It has to have cables, without those cables being overly bulky.  In a perfect world, it would have a hood, but I am willing to compromise on that. I have searched Ravelry and I have come up with two really good options.  I have enough yarn for either of the patterns and now it is just a matter of deciding which one I want to make, sweater A or sweater B.

Last night, after dinner was done and the kids were safely locked away in their bedrooms (I don’t REALLY lock them in, no matter how much the thought has crossed my mind), I sat down to swatch.  For the non-knitters out there, swatching is knitting a sample of the yarn you plan to use with the recommended needle size from the pattern to see if you get the same amount of stitches per inch (gauge).  First, I swatched in plain stockinette stitch.  I nailed gauge on the first try.  Feeling pretty proud of myself, I started practicing the first of the four different stitch patterns showcased in sweater A.  This was as far as I got.  I didn’t understand the first stitch pattern.  No matter how many different times I tried it, how many times I ripped it back, I could not get it.  No matter how many times my husband, Mike, assured me I was a good knitter and he was sure I would figure out that pattern, I couldn’t get it to look right. (I am starting to wonder if all of these assurances weren’t self preservation on his part.  I was armed with pointy sticks and was getting pretty upset by then.) Finally, close to 10:00 pm, I abandoned sweater A and moved on to sweater B.

Once again, trying to prove to myself that I was a good knitter, a smart, careful knitter, I swatched for the sweater.  Once again, I got gauge on the first try.  Feeling a little better about this sweater, and sure that it was going to be the right one, I highlighted the size I was going to make, figured out how many stitches to cast on and off I went. Then, and only then, did I read the entire pattern.  Yes, I am one of those crafters.  I read the first few lines, grab the materials, and have at it.  Who needs to read directions?  I know what I am doing!  Turns out, I had no idea what I was doing.  No matter how many times I read and re-read that pattern, I couldn’t grasp what I was supposed to be doing.  I must have looked a little insane by then because Mike suggested I set the knitting down and go to bed.  I complied because I couldn’t handle any more disappointment.

This morning, the pattern looks the same. I still don’t understand it. To make matters worse, I actually took the time to read through pattern A and I don’t understand that one either. Does this mean that I am not as advanced of a knitter as I thought I was? Does this mean that I might have more to learn?  That perhaps I should take time to learn how to properly read and use charts?  I have access to help in understanding these patterns.  There are several knitting classes I could take, there are wonderful reference books I can read, there are three local yarn shops (LYS) near my house that I could stop in and ask.  Any of these options would be useful in helping me figure out the patterns and the new stitches.

Or, I could just decide that there is something fundamentally wrong with both patterns (even though there are hundreds of photos of completed sweaters all over the internet that look great) and start my search all over again for the perfect sweater.  So far, I have two new contenders.  Only problem is, these sweaters call for different yarn than what I already own.  Good thing there are some yarn stores close to me.

If I bought new yarn, even though I already own a fair amount, do you think that would frustrate my husband?

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  1. Sheila permalink
    January 11, 2012 11:09 am

    What he doesn’t know…I have a “shawl” that I had to frog four times before I gave up only to realize that I had been k tbl instead of normal k. Keep at it Jules, you will create a beautiful sweater!

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